Full-Stack Mobile Development

Full-Stack Mobile Development

Learn React Native, Expo, Android Development, IoS Development, EaS, React Native Paper, Node.js, Heroku, MongoDB Database, JavaScript, NPM, Mongoose, Express, Data Modelling, API Development, and Backend Security. Final Project – Chat Application.

Full-stack mobile development involves learning the technologies and tools required to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms using React Native, Expo, Node.js, Heroku, MongoDB Database, JavaScript, NPM, Mongoose, Express, Data Modeling, API Development, and Backend Security.

React Native is a popular framework for developing mobile applications using JavaScript, and Expo is a set of tools and services that makes it easier to build React Native applications. Android and iOS development involves using platform-specific development tools and languages to create mobile applications that run natively on each platform.

EaS (Everything as a Service) is a cloud computing model that provides various backend services that can be integrated into mobile applications. React Native Paper is a UI component library that helps developers create attractive and responsive user interfaces.

Node.js and Express are used to build the server-side of the application, while MongoDB and Mongoose are used for data modeling and database management. API Development is the process of creating a set of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other.

Backend security is critical to ensure that the application and data are protected from potential security threats, including hacking and other attacks.

By mastering full-stack mobile development skills, you can work as a mobile application developer, software engineer, or full-stack developer, and be able to build complex mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.


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