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Turning your ideas, experiences, or passion into an eBook, eMagazine, or Audiobook and publishing it online has never been easier.

Honestly, this is one of the most genuine ways to make good money on the Internet—for a lifetime—globally.

D-Degree Digital’s eBook Publishing has helped many people turn this dream into a reality.

Truly, you’d be amazed at how many people out there have been waiting for you to express yourself.


“Great honestly! I loved the eMag. Thanks to the team; this dream finally came true. I really appreciate their work.”

What Our Clients Say…

This was my first ever eBook, and it was really cool with you guys. Always dreamt of doing this using my YouTube videos, always though it would be either impossible or crazy expensive, but it really wasn’t all that. You guys set everything up really well. I hope my review gets you more clients. Very patient and always letting me know their progress, I really liked that. In fact, I have already recommended them to my circles. 5 Stars*****

Angela Amaka Nnadi


What Our Clients Say…

I am impressed, yeah… with the level of service I received from D Degree. They were always responsive to my messages, and they made sure that I was kept informed of the progress of my eBook. they kept to all my instructions. I am so happy with the final product and would definitely use them again.

Dr. James Adebayo MD


What Our Clients Say…

I am so happy with the entire project, first the cover design for my newly completed eBook was so epic, said my first son. They were able to perfectly capture my vision and then, they also designed an online profile/landing page, where they listed all the places online where they published my eBook, making it so easy for me to share it. They also did some ads for my eBook on Facebook. I started making sales almost immediately, who knew!!!

Pastor Mrs Franka Omosun


What Our Clients Say…

This was not my first eBook though, but I had a wonderful experience working with them on my latest eBook. They were very professional and made sure that I was completely satisfied with the finished product. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get into this part of the world!

Pastor Stanley Oduchukwu Iwu


What We Do…

We are just a button away from handling your project(s) very personally and professionally.

All we need from you is your manuscript and a few details and we will handle the rest.


  • Video to Text: Our service specializes in converting your videos (e.g., YouTube videos, mp4 files) into written text documents.
  • Audio to Text: We excel at transforming your audio recordings (e.g., WAV, .mp3 files) into text documents.
  • Text on Image: We have the expertise to extract text from images and convert it into written documents.

The resulting documents or content from any of these processes can be the starting point for your eBook project.

Content Editing & Formatting

  • This involves content editing and formatting; we shape the layout and design of your eBook. Meticulously reviewing, reformatting, rearranging, and correcting grammar, spellings, punctuations, all culminating in a comprehensive proofreading to enhance the clarity of your content.

Cover Design & Art

  • Cover design and art are crucial aspects of publishing a book. The cover serves as the first impression of the book and plays a significant role in attracting potential readers and influencing their decision to purchase it. A well-designed cover can indeed help sell a book by capturing the essence of the content and creating an appealing visual representation.


  • Audiobook creation is the process of converting written text into a narrated audio format. It involves script preparation, professional narration, recording, editing, post-production, quality control, and finally online publishing and promotion if needed.
  • The goal is to produce a high-quality audiobook for those who prefer to listen to your material.

Author Profile Website

  • An eBook author’s profile website is the central hub for readers. It showcases the author’s background, highlights their latest eBook, and offers convenient links to purchase it from various platforms.

Some of the many eBooks published…

It’s so Easy!

Most people have the potential to become authors but often feel overwhelmed by the idea of producing and publishing their own eBook, thinking it will be complex and costly. However, many are pleasantly surprised by how straightforward the process can be and how financially rewarding it becomes when executed effectively.

If you’re considering self-publishing, let us assist you in creating high-quality eBooks, eMagazines, and Audiobooks, as well as guiding you through the publishing and marketing process. We not only approach this with a proactive and hands-on attitude but also bring the experience and expertise to support you in various key areas.

D-Degree Digital eBook Publishing has helped numerous authors worldwide professionally self-publish their eBooks.

Take charge of your eBook’s success today. Let’s help start your project today!

D-Degree Digital Hub works closely with our clients to develop customized marketing plans and then execute them to achieve specific business goals. This is our promise and our goal!


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