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Google Digital Skills for Africa (GDSA) is a Google initiative which aims to bridge the digital divide by providing free training to business owners in African. The project that started in 2016 has seen over 4 million Africans trained so far.

Google Digital Skills For Africa (GDSA)

D-Degree Digital Ltd is a Google Partner in Nigeria and Ghana. GDSA is a fantastic Google’s idea to train job seekers and business owners in Africa. The training has over the years brought enlightenment to many youths and businesses in Africa. Although the recent pandemic has changed few aspects of the project including mode of delivery, the importance and the impacts have been tremendous so far. D-Degree Digital Hub has championed several trainings under GDSA in Nigeria and Ghana. Through our influence, we have ensured several trainings across the country and other African countries. Before COVID ’19, we campaigned rigorously for importance and acceptance of Google Classroom in our educational corridors. Public school teachers in various states like Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Kaduna, Kano, Borno and more, were trained by Google Partners in Nigeria through us.